Local Religion Section

Hopewell Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


3886 Hopewell Road
Culleoka, TN 38451-2040
Main Phone: 931-380-2291
Email Address: cwbrad@attglobal.net
Website: www.hifo.net/hopewell

Hopewell presbyterian church

Contact Person: Charles Bradley

Service Information:

Sunday Worship: 11 A.M.

Additional Descriptive and Event Information:

The Hopewell Presbyterian Church meets weekly on the Lord’s Day with a morning worship service at 11:00 AM. The church has met regularly since being organized in 1820, and offers the advantages of small church, historic, neighborhood congregational worship. The Hopewell Presbyterian Church advocates family worship at church and in the home. We strongly support parents who home school their children.

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Sep. 19, 2018